Kasturi’s Obsession Interlude

Kasturi’s Obsession Interlude


Communication becomes a costly issue when your company has (or is going to have) a large mobile workforce. The typical small businesses will struggle to afford it. How about you? Read more here.

While most of the communications done by businesses these days utilizes a lot of the 3G or 4G data plan (who have not?), the cost pertaining to mobile phones subscription plans, which comprises of the normal calling plans as well, can be substantially huge if you have a large mobile (sales) workforce, if you’re not a multi-million-dollar company.

According to the survey done by Singapore government, a typical mobile sales representative of companies in Singapore spend a wide-ranging 210.6 to 1002.3 minutes per monthly for mobile phone calls. With an approximate of 19 cents per minute, a simple calculation will reveal as little as SGD 40.01 to SGD 190.44 per person, or more.

If you’re a multi-million-dollar company, chances are that the amount of telecommunication expenditure mentioned is a tiny sacrifice for you. But what if you’re not? What if you’re just a small-fry business that is looking for an exponential growth potential in times ahead? SGD 190.44 per person in a 20-30 people company will already cost you SGD 5-6000, apart from other operational cost! How much does your company make?