Hear, and Learn

Hear, and Learn


If you think that communication challenges are only encountered in businesses, think again!

A stable but a significant education industry has often been neglected in this regard. Students, especially little children, make progress with a good two-way communication. When the teacher explains, the students are able to participate in discussions because they could hear the teachers and hence, understand.

While the common knowledge states that most of communication problems occurring in classes are more likely to be caused by particular students with hearing difficulties (English as a second language or culturally diverse background, hearing impairment, central auditory disorder or attention issues), Daniel Ostergren, an Educational Audiologist, says that virtually any students, at any time, can have difficulty hearing their teachers or peers due to other factors as well; the critical distance of their seats to the other party, the reverberation, or many other noises. But more often than not, it is because of the classroom architecture.

One of the key equipment in the educational area is the audio distribution system in classrooms, one of them such like RedCat.


RedCat provides not only voice clarity for crystal clear audio of the teacher’s voice, but also enables the expansion and flexibility for evolving classroom needs. It eliminates interference while giving students access to everything the teacher is saying. With RedCat, we easily fill classrooms with the intelligible sound of a teacher’s voice. No matter where a teacher stands, or students sit, RedCat produces exceptional clarity.

So the next time you see your students having problems with their learning, it might just be the classroom architecture problem!


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