Corporate Information

Our Company

Kasturi Technology began in 1998 as a start-up marketing premium, high-end video conferencing solutions. Since then, our group of information technology (IT) professionals, network support specialist and AV technician teams have grown and expanded over the years to incorporate a wide ranging array of communications and IT solutions.

With our accumulated industry experience in Singapore, we possess comprehensive expertise in providing solutions and maintenance contracts for video conferencing, audio visual integration, network design and installation, PBX, security access, monitoring and recording system, as well as integration of other communications systems into existing ones.

From integrating of small to large-scale systems, Kasturi Technology is well-positioned to provide one-stop solutions beginning with consultation, design and implementation, as well as technical support. For the best system integrators Singapore has, look no further than Kasturi Technology.

The Merger

Activeo, a leading French Customer Experience Consulting & Technology Company has recently join venture with Kasturi Technology in January 2016. According to Mr. Moses Wong, this merger is to help broaden and strengthen Kasturi Technology in the field of ICT to provide a wider scope of ICT and AV services to our combined customers. It is indeed an exciting development for Kasturi!

Though the merger has officiated, there will not be any restructuring or shift in the management of Kasturi Technology. We are committed to continue working hard to expand your business and thank you for your loyalty and support. We are confident that this merger will position Kasturi to serve you even better in the near future.


Our vision is to become the leading one-stop business solution provider in IT; which comprises of Audio Visual, Information Communications Technology, and Unified Collaborative Communication.


Our mission, for our respective parties, is to become:

A trustworthy and accountable business solutions provider for our customers
Recommending our customers quality business solutions and products that are of perfect fit for their needs and deadlines, each and every time, is the very least that we can do.
A reliable value-added partner
In order to thrive in the competitive environment, ensuring that we treat our partners with respect and dignity through efficient and transparent communication is essential to foster mutual collaborative experience. 
An exemplary leadership for our people
We create a great culture to not only work but also to continuously grow and learn from one another. Here we nurture individuals to become leaders of tomorrow by training them well and reward them accordingly to constantly improve in their quest to become the best business solution providers.


As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business. Here are the 6 core familial values Kasturi Technology live by to ensure our mission is true to our vision:

Our people are selected for the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This way, we’ll be able to establish a mutual trust with clients.
A business will stay only as long as they are able to be held accountable for the actions that had been taken. Encompassing the obligation to report, explaining and be answerable for resulting consequences is exactly how we do our business. 
Here in Kasturi, our streamlined customer process eliminates bottlenecks. We get things done. Efficiently. Effectively. Fast.
The relationship that we have with our clients is not one-way. As a technology solution provider, we understand that technical jargons are not most of our clients’ cup of tea and we always aim to conducting our operation as clear as possible in a simple, plain language that clients are able to understand.
There is no business too rigid that can grow. Being able to accommodate with the customers’ timing and deadline is why we’re available.
We respect our clients and provide solutions according to their needs.



Customer Process

We believe in providing a customized solution that best suits our customers’ needs. To ensure that all our customers will have a 100% satisfactory experience with us, we have come up with a process flow that we have been following strictly.

We Analyze: Finding the possible solutions to meet your needs (Consultation, Design)

We Design: Design the best solution and plan the timeline (Schedule, Planning)

We Deploy: Install accordingly (Integration, Testing, Commission)

We Solve: Focus on your business and let us do the rest (Documentation, Training, Maintenance)