Kasturi awarded with 2016’s BizSafe Progressive Award






bizSAFE Enterprise Progressive Award

The bizSAFE Enterprise Progressive Award gives recognition to bizSAFE Enterprises for their dedication to the bizSAFE programme by progressing from bizSAFE Level 1 to Level 3 within 6 months, and have established Risk Management within their organisation. Only Small-and-Medium Enterprises* (SMEs) may apply.



Reminder of VTRON South East Asia Open House 2015

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Reminder of VTRON South East Asia Open House 2015
Control Room Collaboration & 4K Visual Solutions


vtron live demo



VTRON will show a full set of demo at 11:00, 14:00, 16:00 for both days


  • VIS (Visualisation Interactive System)
  • 4K Visionpro® video wall cube & real-time Digicom® ARK3000 Controller
  • 92 LED video wall & all-in-one Digicom® AP2000 controller
  • Narrow bezel LCD display & Digicom® HC3000 controller

Please prepare 2 name cards for onsite registration.
Any enquiries, please contact:
Marketing Department
+65 6743 9734 Ext 212


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Experience HD Video Conferencing for Free Now!

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SMEs have the focal point of having the capacity to settle on choices and make a move more rapidly than huge organizations keeping in mind the end goal to grab a business sector advantage. Propelled by smartphones and VoIP telephone frameworks have empowered organizations to convey better communications, with clients, and with suppliers. The next big thing in business communications, High Definition video conferencing, is currently accessible to smaller organizations thanks to hosted video conferencing cloud solutions.

As of late as 2009, High definition video conferencing was only accessible to enormous organizations that had the capacity and budget to afford the investment in equipment, dedicated circuits, and IT staff that were necessary to operate the system. The ability to communicate visually in HD allowed the organisations to conduct online meetings with visual realism down to the appreciation of both parties facial expressions. Even with the availability of high bandwidth and lowered hardware costs, dedicated video conferencing equipment are still costly and complex to setup to many smaller companies and start ups.

With the costs and complexity issues, many SMEs and smaller organisations resort to utilizing services like Skype and Google Hangout. These solutions however function with lower resolution and lower capabilities, not forgetting that they are essentially running from workstations and thus the user needs to compromise on audio and visual quality. The norms that many such users face are to spend the first 30 minutes of a meeting repeating the phrases “can you see me?” and/or “can you hear me?”.  This disturbing fact has caused many smaller organisation to fall behind in the productivity benefits of video conferencing which the bigger boys are exploiting.

With the advent of the Cloud phenomenon driving the “as-a-service” cultures, HD video conferencing is now made available as a SaaS or IaaS to companies big and small. This had made enterprise grade HD video communications within the reach of smaller organisations with a nominal subscription. These services are usually capable to allow users to experience video meetings comparable to legacy on premise video conferencing systems with the advantage of allowing the smaller organisation to pay for only what they need without the need for expensive initial investment on expensive equipment and are usually highly scalable to grow together with the organisations.

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Being the one of the pioneering integrator for enterprise video conferencing, Kasturi Technology had acknowledged the needs of smaller organisations. We have now partnered Ubiety to make high definition video conferencing affordable without compromising on the features and capabilities and without the need for expensive equipment and complex firewall settings.

We are offering FREE TRIALS to try out HD Video Conferencing on Ubiety.

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