Kasturi Technology is Proud to Partner ViaDirect Digital Signage and Wayfinder Solutions

Kasturi Technology is Proud to Partner ViaDirect Digital Signage and Wayfinder Solutions







ViaDirect is a connected and tactile wayfinding solution for indoor and outdoor use.
ViaDirect is primarily a software solution. It runs in a kiosk: the “wayfinding kiosk”. The kiosk, with an average size of 40 inches, is powered by best touch screen technologies.
The solution is sold with ViaDirect maintenance 24 hours a day, and a web back-office allowing the client to edit himself a number of parameters independently and have access to usage statistics.
ViaDirect solution is tailored to each location, with 8 different versions: Mall, Store, City, Culture, Exhibition, Medical, Transportation Building.
For each segment, ViaDirect provides a bespoke solution, and offers a version optimized to perfectly meet immediate expectations of the user.
Available in several languages and usable by disabled people, the solution ViaDirect allows everyone to find his way and access information in real time by connecting to different databases.
More than just a plan, ViaDirect is connected and communicating tool.

Sleek Unified Communications

The sleek Huawei eSpace 8950 Video Phone is easy to operate, and not only integrates all your enterprise voice, video, and unified communications applications, but also adds a professional flair to your office.
It delivers more engaging communication and collaboration, with unmatched security, HD audio and video. The intuitive, flat, multiple-touch-screen panel delivers an immersive user experience.



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