Does Technology Really Simplify Operations?

Does Technology Really Simplify Operations?

How has technology been for your small- and medium-sized enterprises?

Unlike last time, our businesses these days are encroached with lots of technology, one of the basic is your website, social media, emails, CRM, and many, many others. Do they really help you work better, or it just complicates things?

Unproductive Activities

Research shows that among the top 200 companies in the world, 10% of its annual profit is lost through unproductive activities. Half of the average employee’s day is spent doing these unproductive activities. These are not laziness, ineptitude, or even social media but rather complexity. Instead of spending money to acquire technology that is user-friendly enough for the employees to take advantage of, you might actually spent money letting them trying to figure it out instead of actually using it.

Big Data

With the advent of technology, the big data is the next issue. Coming from your website analytics, your social media analytics, referrals, and other available public sources, sure, we believe that we should get a technology system to obtain the sets of data relevant to our business which will help us to maintain our competitive advantage, and aid in decision making. But what if we don’t have the capability to interpret the data correctly? Numbers can be put up on the screen. But without any proper context, it does not mean anything. Without much of analytic backgrounds, you can correlate the wrong variables. To put it in an analogy, in order to increase the birth rate, the production of popcorn has to be increased. Now, where is the correlation in that? But this had really happened.

Technology Stack

We have changed the way we view technology. The system is changing the way we work instead of us changing the system for us to work with. There are weird stacks of technology in our office as a result of combining constantly evolving technology with our accelerating move of addressing more challenging problems. But your systems, hence, are built on a series of independent layers. The result is functional but typically complex to operate and use for your new employees. Do you really need more complication after all that you’ve been through? Stop focusing on the questions on what do you need (and what more do you need), and start finding the answer.

Find an IT vendor that is able to understand your business and advice on suitable things. Because when doing business with you, it should mean that you’re saving money and time because you and/or your employees don’t need to figure out how to use the solution anymore.


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Huawei: Jennah Hotels on the Trajectory Up!

Jennah Hotel and Resorts began with listening to their customers about what they actually want, which is a high-speed Internet connection.

Huawei came into the picture because even though it is a technically-inclined enterprise, the employee speak the hospitality language, making it understand for communication.

In addition, Huawei understands what needs to be done to help Jennah in their innovative corporate vision by tailor-making the system.

As a result, Jennah Hotels had been in the trajectory upwards!


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What’s in a Server for me?

So your small company has outgrown its storage technology. Congratulations! Now, would you expand on the classic option of purchasing a server? Hmmmmm….

But before anything else comes into place, there are certain principles that would help you decide whether or not you’d actually need one and from there decide on which to choose!

Here are the 5 things that should be useful on your checklist, even when you’ve finally decided to use an IT Consultant’s service:

Supporting Multiple Users. Your company is more than 10 people, and collaboration among each other is getting more important than ever. Server is the centralized desktop systems, supporting shareable multiuser applications; calendar programs, databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and even customer relationship management (CRM), in comparison with a desktop/PC which is meant for one user and therefore, is user-friendly; its operating system is designed to run desktop applications such as a word processor, a spreadsheet, an email client, a Web browser.

Mobility and Decentralization. There are basically two general types of server; a network-based and cloud-based server. A network server includes the setting up of virtual private network (VPN) that allows remote access outside office and automatic backup of critical data. Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Windows Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Hosting, however, offers superior benefits; lower latency than the traditional network-based VPN as it is not dependent on the company’s ISP bandwidth bottleneck.

Security and Compliance. Compared to cloud servers, network servers offer the highest levels of security that you can get. Businesses in certain industries might not be able to implement the type of security that would allow for compliance with industry regulations. Network servers can be configured and protected with a variety of software and hardware solutions that are not easily available through the cloud.

Budgeting and Long-Term Costs. Significant amount of initial capital outlay, however, may pose a challenge when it comes to purchasing a network-based server when you operate a small to medium-size business. If your business does not have in-house team of Information Technology experts, it is advisable to use a cloud server. Not only that it has a low initial startup costs and subscription-based maintenance fee, cloud servers can be partially managed by the provider and often include simple administration tools and clients. However, the fluctuations based on usage may also be a cause of a higher long-term cost.

Customization. Designed to be reliable, secure, and fault-tolerant with redundant storage options, a server’s scalability allows it to expand and grow with your business. However, companies that need to customize the server software and hardware at a very granular level will be advised to use a network server. Vendors lock-in will make migrating away from a cloud server difficult. Abandoning the network server is also impractical. Before deciding on which, the long-term needs of the business must be closely evaluated.

Are you ready to choose your own server now?



This article is made by Kasturi Technology in partnership with Huawei Enterprise in promotional effort of The Huawei MicroDC solution as an integrated micro data center that incorporates power supply/distribution devices, cabinets, heat dissipation modules, network devices, servers, security devices, cloud operating systems (OSs), and integrated management software. This solution is the only product that centrally monitors and manages ambient environment of equipment rooms and IT infrastructure. Device pre-installation enables service provisioning within 1 day, and remote monitoring allows the group headquarters to perform unified management and allows equipment rooms in branches to operate properly even when left unattended. The Huawei MicroDC solution implements unified management, rapid deployment, and simplified maintenance.

Kasturi Technology is your one-stop business solution provider for your info-comm needs
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Good Communication begins with a Good Technology Support

Generally, what would happen is that young people would not get what they need till the teachers see them failing for 6 months.

The perspective that needs to be changed is the way to support the students. Instead of reacting from the presented behavior within a certain period of time, identifying the root causes of learning problems of the students may be more effective.

Whether the teacher is working with the whole group, small groups, or has students in remote location (such as a hallway), RedCat technologies facilitate this much-needed strong connections between teachers and students, and between students and their peers is where learning occurs.

The teachers are able to step in when required, and step back when necessary.

Additionally, today’s Common Core standards are putting a focus on students taking an active role in their own education, making students articulating their ideas and proving their assumptions, and teacher listening (to student contributions) all the more important.

There is no hard and fast rule of educating them as every child is unique in terms of their own learning, but educators must be aware of how to combine the best methods and equipments to accommodate for their optimized learning journey. Think about what is the best investment for the students.


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Hear, and Learn


If you think that communication challenges are only encountered in businesses, think again!

A stable but a significant education industry has often been neglected in this regard. Students, especially little children, make progress with a good two-way communication. When the teacher explains, the students are able to participate in discussions because they could hear the teachers and hence, understand.

While the common knowledge states that most of communication problems occurring in classes are more likely to be caused by particular students with hearing difficulties (English as a second language or culturally diverse background, hearing impairment, central auditory disorder or attention issues), Daniel Ostergren, an Educational Audiologist, says that virtually any students, at any time, can have difficulty hearing their teachers or peers due to other factors as well; the critical distance of their seats to the other party, the reverberation, or many other noises. But more often than not, it is because of the classroom architecture.

One of the key equipment in the educational area is the audio distribution system in classrooms, one of them such like RedCat.


RedCat provides not only voice clarity for crystal clear audio of the teacher’s voice, but also enables the expansion and flexibility for evolving classroom needs. It eliminates interference while giving students access to everything the teacher is saying. With RedCat, we easily fill classrooms with the intelligible sound of a teacher’s voice. No matter where a teacher stands, or students sit, RedCat produces exceptional clarity.

So the next time you see your students having problems with their learning, it might just be the classroom architecture problem!


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