Polycom: Major Disruptions? Not with Lync+Polycom

Polycom: Major Disruptions? Not with Lync+Polycom

Integration of Lync and Polycom’s user-friendliness is the most valuable tool for consultations of patients in Elleuno, which provide services to the elderly, the disabled, youths in need, and Alzheimer patients.

Vidyo: Cybermedical Community

“In the past, when we gathered for video conference, we always needed a technician..”, “…not easy to run…”, “…quality is extremely important..”, are just a few feedback from these medical professionals with regards to their past experience with video conferencing.

Now, with Vidyo, all of these barriers are eliminated!

Vidyo: The Power of TeleMedicine

You so feel that the person is there, right there, in real time, beside you. No one has to leave work, leave home, leave office. It’s a definite time saver for everyone.

Vidyo Architecture – Making Things Possible

Centralized processing.
Automated maintenance resulting in minimum overheads.
Low bandwidth for High Definition quality video conferencing.
Ease of use and implementation.
Compatibility with devices that people already have.
Scale quickly when needed.

We are very, ready for a new architecture like Vidyo.